BYO Woodfired Ovens

Why a Woodfired Oven?

A story of why and how we developed a great opportunity.

There is little doubt that much of our lives is dominated by leisure pursuits and part of this is FOOD. Having decided to upgrade our alfresco area we set about looking at many of the features that we needed.

Having a fairly large number of children who with wives, husbands, boyfriends etc can turn a family gathering into a crowd we decided we wanted an area where we could do more than just bar-be-que.

Having read about the benefits of woodfired cooking and watching a friend design and build one we decided to give it a go!! Now let's be honest when you get two people who have "desk jobs" deciding to build a woodfired oven, even Tom (DIY Pizza Ovens) was surprised.

Over the course of a couple of Sundays we had surprised ourselves - the last part being the tiling on the front and with some broken craft tiles and some left from a previous tiling job, we managed to create a design that complements symbols and colours from other parts of the alfresco area.

Since our first effort we have had the pleasure of entertaining small and large groups and we have tried all manner of dishes. Our most recent effort we invited friends to bring "something to cook in the oven...." The adventurous nature of some people made it a great function.( chicken, fish, lamb and pork as well as vegetables and of course many varieties of pizzas) There's something really savoury about the taste of food cooked this way, tender and moist. We can't wait to try some sweets in winter!!!

We now look forward to the summer holidays when the woodfired oven will make the fun of having family and friends even more enjoyable.

We did it ourselves - so can you, call us and we'll show you how !!!

Attend one of our demonstration nights and enjoy some BYO Woodfired Ovens Hospitality.

Linda & John
(BYO - "build your own" - Woodfired Ovens)

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